SoulWorshiper’s Live Video Devotional – “What Now…..?”

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SoulWorshiper’s Live Video Devotional – Sept 4, 2009
“What Now…?”
Ephesians 6:14
“Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;”
Taken from the SoulWorwshiper’s Devotional Journal


How long have you been standing there…?

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I confess that everyday brings countless moments of dialogue and chatter in my mind relating to things I should do, I could do, I might do, and I “must” do. So many things and people vying for my time and energy,from every direction. Sometimes not enough time to even make out what the real request is or in what direction I’m really being pulled in, but simply hearing the sound of persuasion causes me to miss the sound of the Father. In this quest for “securing” my future, in this movement to all that I can be. While everything around me is appearing to be shifting in various directions, what I seek to hear clearly, and know surely is the voice of Abba Father…(cause He Knows). I’ve taken the liberty to share my thoughts dream, wishes, hopes, ideas, hurts, pains, mistakes, disappointments, shames, victories, joys, excitements, and ambitions with those hat I see, but what i really want is to have a moment with my Daddy. What I find is that though the noise is loud, and the pressure appears great, He is greater and his voice is more pronounced and equipped with the authority to both move and calm the winds….As I sit and write at this moment, the winds have calmed down outside my window to a stillness….Just moments before starting this entry, I was awaken to violent surges outside my window. It appeared as if the entire building would be shaken from it’s foundation. How articulate of the Lord to provide me with a visual illustration of His strength and power. He sees my concern, and knows my fears, and does not turn a deaf ear nor refuse to acknowledge my heart. He hears and responds, and says Peace…..because all along He’s been standing near, watching, listening, and speaking back to me…

We Need you…He Wants you!

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I pray that you experience peace that passes all understanding. The tests and trials that are upon you now, shall not take you out,but will become the catalyst to push you into your purpose. Your tomorrow is not equal to your yesterday. You can be happy, and your life can be complete. You are not destined to fail, but to succeed. If noone has ever spoken that audibly to you before, know that as I am writing this right now, I am reading it aloud, and declaring it so in your life. Your mistakes shall not become the taskmaster of your potential…I speak life into those dead areas, and proclaim a new refreshing in your mind, body and soul…and after all of that…I challenge you to step out from the cave that keeps you from being honest and true to who you were called and chosen to be….Noone around you might be saying it anymore…but God has not forgotten you…You are still the apple of His eye….you are wanted, and desired above all to do great things in this hour…accident, coincidence and oops, are not your name….you were made with deliberate and intentional purpose… -SoulWorshiper

If you Need to…Start Over!

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Okay you’ve seen better days than today….you’ve felt much stronger than you do right now…but wherever it is that you are right now and however you might be feeling, i want you to remember that what you have in front of you is much more valuable than all you’ve lost….Tomorrow is a new day….and it is filled with fresh air and new ideas, thoughts, and opportunities that you’ve never before seen..People will come into your presence that have never done so before, and you will have a chance to experience something soo fresh and new that can transform your entire life….You’ve seen yesterday and you’re experiencing today….but what about tomorrow…you deserve a chance to Start over! If you’ve lost soo much, and if you’ve messed it all up….don’t be afraid to Start over again…Lift up your head….and….Ask for God’s wisdom to guide you! -SoulWorshiper

Losing does not make you a Loser!

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As I am typing this, there are sooo many of us who can confess that within the last 6 to 9 months you have lost something or someone in your life that was of some importance to you and your family. If we go down the line we will find those who have lost, homes, automobiles, jobs, siblings, parents, friends, and possibly soo much more..The irony of this truth is that while we all may have lost something at some point, on many occasions we find ourselves looking at our brother or sister and possibly wishing that we’d be better off if we just had what they had….I’m not speaking of envy, but of the desire to share the perceived joys they have. Losing hurts, to whomever experiences it….However with losing should come a sobering and self revealing attitude that can bring us relevancy and character through the loss…People leave us, friends walk away, loved ones pass, and possessions might be taken away or destroyed….but as spoken a few days ago….You were Created to Win! In your losses, as hurtful as they might be, I still believe that God’s grace and mercy are sufficient to cover you thru it all….You ARE loved, and someone DOES care, You have not been cast aside…..and it will get better. The reason why losing does not make u a loser is because when there is a vacancy in life, it allows the promise of God to be activated in your life…”But my God shall supply all your need…according to His riches in Glory..” -SoulWorshiper

Be true to yourself!

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Simply put, simply spoken, You are good enough already. If they don’t see yet or ever acknowledge it , it’s not because it’s not in you. Don’t feel pressured to prove what you are to anyone unless you’re the one…